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Shipping & Returns

 Shipping & Returns
1 - Order processing. How to buy / order?
2 - Forms of payment (Bank Transfer, Contrarreembolso, Paypal)
3 - Returns, credit note or voucher, refunds and exchanges
4 - Affordable Prices and Bills
5 - Guarantees and Security
6 - Conditions of Sale
7 - How do I register, paying by PayPal
8 - Countries where we send orders
9 - Online Dispute Resolution - European Commission - Europa EU
1 - Order processing. How to buy / order?
1.1. Through the Internet on the site can order your articles and get them into his house to the address indicated.
Ordering on our site?
The. Add the desired item to your shopping cart
B. Press pay order to complete the purchase
c. Choose the type of payment / delivery mode. Confirm your data
d. None of your data will be passed to third parties.
and. After a few minutes you will receive an email with order confirmation
f. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

1.1.2. Ordr by email
Sending a message to the [email protected] address, with the subject: Order. In the message just have to specify:
Name, full address for shipping and the desired products.

1.1.3. order by phone
Contacting (+351) 96 935 0182

1.2. Cancellation of orders
- In the business day can cancel your order without any penalty if the same has not yet been issued.
- Cancellations must be made in writing responding will order confirmation indicated "cancel this order" or the e-mail [email protected], mentioning your order number, indicating that you want to "cancel this order."

1.3. How to query the status of an order
- In your personal area, you can check the current status of your order.

1.4. Where can I receive my order?
We deliver worldwide, there are no restrictions in terms of zones. Please enter your order at the delivery location of your choice.

1.5. As my orders are delivered?
There is a field to delivery address, regardless of the billing address.

1.6. How many days you can receive my orders?
Depending on delivery destination on average in Portugal (mainland and islands) takes between 1-4 business days, subject to certain exceptions.
In the case of new products dependent.
For more information please contact us.

1.7. How can I return an order?
You can return to the same address, namely: Rachel C. Ferreira
Rua Travessa 1º de Dezembro, 6
4445-303 Ermesinde
To return and claim the value of the product, it has 5 business days.
During the warranty can exchange for another product of equal value.

1.8. Costs of discarding who bears?
- The return will be always borne by the customer.
- In the case of exchanges shipping costs will be borne by

2. Payment methods (Bank Transfer, Paypal)
Payment methods and their costs are presented in the purchasing act, including sending to recovery by MAIL, payment by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal (see below, paragraph 9).
For wire transfers, please use our info. below:

NIB - Bank Identification Number
0010 0000 24940110001 79

IBAN - International Bank Account Number
PT50 0010 0000 2494 0110 0017 9


Account Holder - Raquel M. Ribeiro Carneiro

Paypal - see point 7*

3 - Returns, credit note or voucher, refunds and exchanges
- All returns or exchanges must be sent to the sender's address, namely:´s Raquel C. Ferreira
Rua Travessa 1º de Dezembro, 6
4445-303 Ermesinde

- The shipping costs will be borne by the customer. The freight or shipping costs in case they will be returned.
- Up to five days after order receipt can be refunded the amount of the product.
- If the reference exchange is supported by
- For returns and in the case of electronic equipment such as motherboards, LCD, hard drives, power buttons, wifi cards, etc. We will never be returned money. It will be rather assigned one voucher or credit note for new purchase of any product available in the store.

- In case of discontinued products, the customer can request a credit voucher or the entire amount you paid for the product. To do so, simply indicate a NIB.
- For the termination of the contract should, however, observe the following conditions:
a) Products - Returned in original packaging and in the same condition in which it was sold. b) Any use of the product or violation of the original packaging including the cellophane wrapper of DVDs, hardware and software), immediately negates the possibility of returning.
Must inform of Raquel Ferreira, sending us by letter or e-mail their wish to end the contract made with us at the time of purchase. The product can be accompanied this letter or copy of the email.
b) In the event of termination of the contract, Raquel Ferreira undertakes to refund within 7 working days the amount paid for the product.
- The customer's responsibility is to convey to our facilities the product in the same condition and packaging state.
- Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
- The product travels with the full responsibility of the customer.
- We recommend using a means of transport that includes insurance of the goods to predict damage or loss of merchandise.
Important Note: These returns are repaid only if they comply with all points mentioned above.


4 - Prices
4.1. All products is with the product.
4.2. The prices quoted are subject to change without notice due to changes in the market and international exchange fluctuation.
4.3. Prices are under typo reserve.
4.4. The prices shown in the shop are to retail.
4.5. We have PVR after first purchase. Contact us for more info.
4.6. The Bill/invoice follows with the shipping or delivered to the customer, based on the current law.

5 - Guarantees and Security
5.1. The guarantee of new products, listed on the site are available from manufacturers. For more info. check the official websites.
- All products are warranted, see the product page.
- To trade is indispensable to send this coupon with the product.
- Only upon receipt of the product and verify the operation and serial number match the returned product, the refund or credit will be made (can exchange one product for another of the same value).
- If there is no stock the returned item can stay in credit or up to the date mentioned above, it will refund the value of the product, NIB to be specified by the customer.
- Only accept returns with registration.
All returns sent through against repayment or collection will be rejected.
The refund of the returned item is made by bank transfer within 7 business days after receipt of the same.
- The postage / shipping costs are not returned.

5.2. Security and protection of personal data
- The right to privacy is important to us and the good relationship with our customers. For this reason, I assure you that we do not yield any information of our customers in any way.
- When you choose to provide us with information regarding your personal data (any information by which you can be identified), you can be sure that this information will only be used for the purposes of their relationship as our customer.
- On our website you can order products, make requests and register to receive products. The types of personal information collected on these pages are the name and information about the contact.
- The Shop junkyard: ensures the security of your information. To prevent access or unauthorized advertising, and maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information technology solutions implemented to protect the information we collect online.


6 - Terms and Conditions
- The consumer can cancel the contract within 5 days in the used items and 30 days for new from the date of delivery of the goods.
For more information please contact us.


7 - How do I register, paying by PayPal
How long does delivery take? What is PayPal?
PayPal is the mode best known online payment, and is a very effective way of doing this. Create an account, connect it to your credit card and can then make payments by clicking on a PayPal button on sites that support this option.
- Payment by PAYPAL is a mode of payment specifically designed for online payments and currently has over 50 million users in the world (owned by eBay Company).
- The Customer is registered in PAYPAL site and links to registration c / cards to use for online payments.
- Through your username and password the Client is able to pay and administer the payment of your orders in a number of online stores around the world.
- This payment method allows the use of payment cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
How to pay your orders through PAYPAL in site?
- When you place your order for the product (s) and opts for the PAYPAL payment mode. When order value is is currently charged at cost of collecting 2.9% of the total value of the order. This value is automatically calculated with the Portes value at the end of the order.
- Clicking to finalize the order, the customer will be redirected to the secure payment site PAYPAL (link) to enter the payment. If you are already PAYPAL customer can enter the data of your account and make the payment.
- If it is not yet PayPal customer, will be required the data to pay the order and for their registration. The entries allow you to create your PayPal account that can later be used on our website or in any other that accepts this payment method. We only regret the fact that, for now, this tool only be available in English.
- At the end of the payment will be again referred to the site where finish your order.
- Receive email order confirmation and PAYPAL payment confirmation.
- If for any reason you are unable to fulfill your order is made full refund of the amount paid directly into your PayPal account and used card or, if your option, you can keep this value in credit to your checking account for a purchase future.
- These movements can be checked immediately in your PayPal account at entering their login details.
- The order will be sent to the respective Cash Sale issued by Old Iron Raquel Ferreira.
(1) In the case of being a new customer PAYPAL
- If it is a new client PAYPAL will be limited to the payment of amounts more info on Paypal. This while not making full activation procedure of your card.
- To make this activation should enter the site with your username and password and the left side on top has the "Activate your acount".
Click the text below and follow the instructions. This operation is made only once.
Special cases of payment through the PayPal system?
Indeed the PAYPAL payment system has some peculiarities.
- When the PAYPAL account is first created, the system prevents you from making transactions worth more than € 750.00 for security reasons.
- To eliminate this limitation this system requires a simple credit card validation procedure.
- To make this activation must enter the site with your username and password and the left side on top has the "Activate your acount" click the text below and follow the instructions. This operation is made only once.
Advantages of PayPal payment system
- The advantage of this system is the possibility to do their shopping in thousands of international companies that adhere to this system without having to disclose your credit card be any more now than PAYPAL.
- It is also with a history of movements that you can consult at any time.
- Can be associated with more than one card at the same PayPal account in order to use the card of your choice at the time of purchase.
- This is a tested and proven payment system internationally and service guarantee.


8 - Countries where we send orders
- We ship to Portugal, as well as to all Europe and North America.


9 - Online Dispute Resolution - European Commission - Europa EU
Please find more info. on webpage

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