Terms & Conditions

How to Buy

To do your shopping, and for security reasons, you must be registered (a). Purchases are made ​​via the "Add" or "order" in this form for each product. Once you click on this, the product is added to your shopping cart, which can be accessed via the link. After purchasing a product, and you want to buy more, just click "continue".

If you are finished just click on "Order". After choosing the products must go through the link "Shopping", where you can amend quantities or remove products, and then proceed to "order" through their link, which will confirm your order. After this procedure and the choice of payment method, you can then complete your order, whose confirmation will arrive by e-mail, together with the order number.

You can make gifts to third parties. To this end, follow the following instructions: When you finish your order enter a new delivery address and mention that this is intended to offer in the field for adding comments to the order, and also indicate the person intends to offer (s) product (s).

Order by mail

The order is sent to the Post Office indicated for you.

Period of survey: depending on the country is on average 6 working days from the date of receipt of the notice.

You can search the object in sending http://www.ctt.pt/feapl_2/app/open/tools.jspx?tool=0&lang=01e enter the code in the Enter your object (s) code (s) in the field bellow.

Questions about products

Before ordering if there is any doubt about a product please contact us. Again soon to answer your questions.